Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hillary Makes Use of Her...Assets

The disparity in finances between the Obama and Clinton camps is enormous, which is the predominant reason why he continues to gain on Hillary in states she once led by large margins.

An interesting thing happened in Texas and Ohio, however. My dear Hillary, wisening up from past failures, held off a good portion of her resources to the end. The results were staggering. In the final week, she regained much of her lead.

We are witnessing the same pattern in Pennsylvania. Aside from a horrendous bowling performance, Sir Barack Obama launched a 3-week British-Royal-Navy blitz on the state. Should he not have gained points? It was a near certainty.

And now, my dear Hillary has graced our screens with three ads. One condemns the Bush administration (quite rightly), one employs the venerable Governor Ed Rendell, and the third (my favorite) demonstrates Hillary's sentimental ties to the state.

Pennsylvania, you must vote for her!

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