Friday, April 4, 2008

If There Were Snipers...

Much has been made about those would-be Bosnian snipers, the ones my dear Hillary mistakenly referred to in a campaign speech. It amazes me how quick some people are to call her a liar, when her mistake could have easily been a case of confused memory. Those "neutral" pundits are the real snipers.

What cannot be attributed to memory befuddlement is Sir Barack Obama's two-faced observations of Reverend Wright. How can the media be so gullible as to believe Obama was "shocked" by the media clips? Even more disturbing is that there's written evidence that he was well aware of it before. The media ought to be ashamed for giving one story life and the other death, all to help their golden boy.

But as a last thought (and this goes out to you, my dear Hillary), I would just like to say that if there had been snipers in Bosnia, that I would have laid my body over yours to protect you. What more proof do you need of my devotion? How about you lay your body over mine.


Sabrina said...

I completely agree with you about the Bosnian snipers. How long can the media crucify her over this, and yet when the Wright issue is raised, people call it low. The media has been a disgrace.

Hillary for Pres. said...

The sniper issue has been greatly overdramatized (and when I say that, I mean by the media, not her). What do people expect from politicians on the campaign trail, who embellish everything to try and win votes. The system makes them act that way. Obama and McCain are telling the same kinds of stories. Hillary was just unlucky enough to get caught.