Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pundits Have A Case of Selective Polling

A neighbor of mine enlightened me on the concept of "selective hearing," a practice I am quite fond of, apparently. Back in my old life, I employed it to perfection, tuning out Lady Catherine when belligerent, Caroline Bingley when negative, and Mrs. Bennet when she, well, spoke at all.

I am noticing a similar trend among pundits when it comes to polling. The polls have varied to such an extent that almost anyone can take a given day's results and spin it in his/her favor. Like film reviews, there are vast discrepancies in interpretation (save for the exception of rare masterpieces, such as Pride and Prejudice).

Well, I am going to play pundit for a day. Never mind all those polls showing my dear Hillary's lead in Pennsylvania slimming, or the double-digit defecit in North Carolina. How about this indisputable Quinnipiac poll, which shows Hillary winning Florida and performing better in Ohio and Pennsylvania against McCain?

Wait a moment. Why am I playing pundit? This is the clear evidence I have feverishly sought, proving my dearest lady as the Democrat's best hope! Scratch everything I said above.

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