Friday, April 4, 2008

Napoleon Gets More Coverage Than Me? Sacrebleu!

Two references to Napoleon today, both from major political commentators. As pleased as I am to have the great 19th century examined more closely, I have to wonder why I am not given more recognition. I thought I had the monopoly on modern politics from the 1800's perspecive. Apparently, I need to read up more on your anti-trust laws.

In this first piece, Charles Krauthammer mentions Waterloo in the opening sentence. Why not Pemberley instead? Do you think Napoleon's army would have rather tasted the famous Darcy Shepherd's Pie or blood-splattering defeat? Point Darcy.

In the second article, Jonah Goldberg compares Napoleon's "When you set out to take Vienna, take Vienna," with Sir Barack Obama's humiliating bowling performance. Credit must be given to Napoleon for accomplishing that feat, but I have fulfilled many of my promises too. I set out to make sure Jane Bennet loved Mr. Bingley, and I succeeded (albeit with destroying their lives for a year...but what's one year in a life?) Even.

Napoleon tried to conquer the world and failed. I tried to conquer a woman's heart and succeeded. Darcy wins!

So why more Napoleon? I suppose your era prefers losers to winners; hence, more Obama coverage.


Roger said...

Mr. Darcy:

If you want to make an impression on Hillary Clinton, you'll have to do something grand. Don't you know the stories of what Napoleon did for Josephine? Get on it, or Napoleon beats you by a landslide.

Frances said...

The best way to find out what Napoleon did for Josephine is to watch The Terminal. Look at what Tom Hanks' character did. Do that in the Philadelphia airport or something.

Sebastien said...

I love Pride and Prejudice, and I love you Mr. Darcy, especially your blog.

However, I have to say that Napoleon was just a little more important than you, considering he was REAL and nearly took over the world. It's not an insult.