Sunday, April 13, 2008

Obama Darth Vader in the Making!

I have experienced the pleasure of watching your popular fantasy series, Star Wars. What a gripping tale, which could only be made better with some stronger acting performances. Why not Colin Firth as Luke? How about Keira Knightley as Princess Leia? I would leave Harrison Ford alone, though.

Well, as much as the Jedi bring good to the universe, they also have some crafty tricks up their sleeves. Look what can happen when those talents fall into the wrong hands? We get Darth Vader.

Sir Barack Obama has been quite effective at wielding those Jedi mind tricks. As comically depicted here, he has somehow managed to swing the press under his spell. Beware, I say. We could be electing Darth Vader.

1 comment:

love2hatecelebs said...

actually I think hes a jedi.

well I am hoping for it anyways

Obama: A new Hope or turning to the darkside.

Its funny I am not the only one who sees a relation to Obama and star wars crazy hehe