Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Divisive Dance

The Democratic political race has reached a new level of chaos, thanks to a growing rancor between supporters of Mrs. Clinton and Sir Barack Obama (Trinity United Churchgoers is difficult to imagine them any angrier than what I witnessed in my whirlwind church tour last week). Opinions on the potential ramifications of this "house divided against itself" conundrum fall into two factions:

1. Some say the issue is overblown, and that the Democratic party will unify once a nominee is picked. It's just a mere stain (a la Monica Lewinsky's dress).

2. Others see the party as ripped apart at the seams (a la any dress designed by my mother-in-law Mrs. Bennet. The only things worse than her knitting are her poor nerves).

As a self-declared optimist, I was inclined to go with the first group, until those virtuosos at CNN dropped this bombshell on me:

19% of Obama supporters will vote for McCain over Clinton and 28% of Clinton supporters will vote McCain over Obama.

Even if inflated, those are some frightening numbers for the side of the donkeys (who will soon find themselves escorting tourists up and down Santorini if the status quo maintains). This is no small matter. My decision/indecision to dance at the Netherfield Ball was a small matter (save for a few ladies who might have developed a fateful attraction). The President of the next four years is a gargantuan concern.

So how do I propose the Democrats resolve this conflict? By nominating my dear Hillary, of course. 19% is considerably better than 28%, especially when you factor how many of those 19% are in states never likely to go Blue (ie. Deep South), whereas much of Hillary's 28% are in battleground states.

My fellow Democrats, the choice is evident, and besides...if in doubt, dance with a lady.

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