Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Suppress'd

Mr. Darcy recently posted on the head/heart dichotomy. I am a woman of very few words, hence I will be brief. From experience, I tend towards responsibility and reason. Yet my one true love, my dear blind Rochester, has proven, in various manifestations, that it is the heart, not the head, from whence where the truest decisions originate (comma splice, possibly?).

For me, Clinton will always be the crazy lady, the Bertha Mason, locked in the attic--ever present, somewhat delusional, logically robotic to the point of insanity. In her quest to defy gender stereotypes she seems to have suppress'd any and all emotion (that I suspect would lead anyone to consider her "too feminine"). While this emotional suppression does in fact render her less womanly (which is perhaps one of her campaign goals?) it also paints her as less human. It is quite difficult for me to relate to her on a personal level, a woman in such disequilibrium. I offer to her kind words of wisdom, for I too have been on that path. I repress'd all emotion and nearly married St. John, almost the most disastrous mistake of my life. Yet herein lies the difference in our situations: if elected, it will be the lives of the entire American public affected. I am far more willing to entrust my life to a man of passion, integrity, and change (albeit somewhat ambiguous). How then does one reconcile reason with emotion, passion with responsibility? It is a question I have oft grappled with. For me, I can see my dear Rochester in Obama's sultry smile, his dark eyes, his long hands. I can see Rochester in Obama's strong shoulders; shoulders upon which I would entrust the weight of the globe.

And finally, To quote the great Amy Poehler: "One of Senator Obama's aides resigned after calling Hillary Clinton a monster. Clinton's response: RAWR!" That sounds just like Bertha Mason!

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