Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pastors Gone Awry

Yesterday, I began my exploration into race relations in America, and today I was supplied a fresher insight. If this is any indication, it seems the racial separatism is now perpetrated from both sides (And I thought having to suffer through one of Mr. Collins' sermons was unnerving. This makes that look like a stroll through Mr. Rushworth's gardens).

Certainly, Pastor Wright has the right and authority to express his opinions, but he should also realize what a damaging effect these sorts of statements have on Obama's campaign. If Sir Barack is truly the great uniter, he must declare a moratorium on old-seeded racism and direct the collective conscience of this country forward. And from a strategic standpoint, these monologues do little to advance his cause with rural white voters.

The unfortunate victim in these proceedings is my dear Hillary, whose devotion to civil rights goes unrecognized. For those accusations, I say shame on you Pastor Wright.

I also am no stranger to "prejudice," though in a different form, but as is often the case, those acting in prejudice act in the wrong. Do Sir Barack and your nation a favor and put a stop your unruly assaults.

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