Thursday, March 20, 2008

Michigan Reminds Me of the Dark Ages

In my nation's long and proud history, there are splotches of shame scattered within. I could lay out a laundry list for you (I just learned how to use your washing machines, by the way), but I prefer not to sear too deeply into periods I should rather forget.

The question of a revote in Michigan, however, reeks of the same sort of self-interested corruption. Relying on fragile arguments, those connected with Sir Barack Obama mean to deny a fair calculation at any cost, including that of losing the state in the General Election.

I understand their reasoning. It is clear as the chalk on England's southern cliffs. Mr. Obama wishes to thwart any possibility of my dear Hillary obtaining an advantage in popular vote. If he gets his way (which it seems he very well might), then justice will be tossed about like a wife wearing the Tudor emblem.

On the heels of such a landmark speech, I say shame on you Mr. Obama! If my greatest desire for the Reverend Wright would be for him not to practice what he preaches, then it would be decidedly the opposite for Mr. Obama, who must live up to his own billing, a billing that might see him second if such an event fails to occur.

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