Saturday, March 29, 2008

Drop Out, They Say? Hah!

Add Pennsylvania to the bulletin of states the Obama campaign finds irrelevant, and go ahead and include North Carolina and Indiana for good measure. Brush them aside with those undeserving constituencies in Florida and Michigan, because the only states that should weigh in on the Democratic party's choice for President are the ones that support Mr. Obama.

Am I being a bit harsh? Am I engaging in hyperbole? Not at all, if you examine these reprehensible remarks from supporters of Mr. Obama. Is not the concept of counting every vote an essential component of any true democracy? Only my dear Hillary seems to comprehend this.

What is Mr. Obama afraid of? If he were so certain of his position, he would gladly support revotes in Florida and Michigan, and subsequently first-votes in the remaining twelve states, commonwealths, and territories. God forsake Pennsylvania of its statehood, because it dares to vote against the chosen one!

Fortunately for all rational-minded folk, the day of reckoning will be April the 22nd, and I sincerely hope the good citizens of Pennsylvania turn Obama into a toothsome miscellany of Quaker oatmeal. What a tasty instant breakfast!

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