Monday, March 10, 2008

No Lizzy, but there's Hillary!

I've begun to pay attention to the politics of your time. What a taxing affair! So much attention paid to healthcare reform. Thank goodness we weren't bombarded with hospitals in my time, or else I would have never set my sights on Lizzy when Jane caught a cold.

But that brings me to a somber soliloquoy...Lizzy. Alas, as a result of my unfortunate travels, I've lost my dearest gem, the magnificent Mrs. Darcy. Lady Catherine must be responsible for this!

The good news is that I've taken solace in a new dame, the lovely Hillary Rodham Clinton. Yes, she's a bit past her bloom, but I can't help the unmistakable shudders I feel when she graces the stage, articulating such romantic things as NAFTA and the economy. Why is it that I always fall for the intellectual girls?

Rest your doubts, my readers. I would never cheat on Lizzy, but that HRC (what a nice monogram for my Pemberley china) is certainly winning my vote.

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