Monday, March 17, 2008

Jane Eyre, ON MY BLOG???

Just when I thought things had reached their lowest possible point, I discover that Lady Catherine has sent another novel inhabitant, Jane Eyre, to my world, and more specifically to my blog.

Let me preface my complaints by saying that I have since read Jane Eyre and found it quite superlative. I took great delight in Jane's character, and I very much look forward to conversing with her.

The pleasantries stop there. Jane Eyre, always known for her audacity (she had the chutzpah (a new word I learned) to turn down that domineering St. John Rivers), has made the most reckless of moves. She has....dare I say it...endorsed Sir Barack Obama ON MY BLOG!!! This was to be my shrine to my dear Hillary, and now I find it tainted. Are the shades of this blog to be thus polluted?

Despite my apprehensions, I have decided to allow her to stay. What better way to extol my lady Hillary's virtues than to defeat a spokesman (or spokeswoman, I should say nowadays) for the inferior side.

Miss Eyre, you are welcome, but do not expect kindness. You know those dreams of Thornfield Hall burning to the ground? Such will be your Mr. Obama.

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