Sunday, March 23, 2008

Victorian Ideals in A Victorian Age

While speaking politics, a friend recently criticized Hillary and added, in jest, women should be seen and not heard. I know that my independence put me at odds with Victorian ideals, but come on! Now I don't support Hillary any more than Mr. Darcy supports Obama, but I definitely think that her candidacy is quite important from a social standpoint. In a brilliant speech, Obama recently discussed race from a social standpoint in modern society. I think that Hillary is doing for gender what Obama is doing for race. For that, I definitely respect her. But really, has this modern society really regressed back to a Victorian one? I should hope not.

And of course what did I respond to my friend's platitude "women should be seen and not heard"?

"Well, I'd much rather hear her...she's not much of a looker."

I'd wager that Mr. Darcy would disagree.

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