Friday, March 21, 2008

Out with the Dishwater, in with the Ditchwater

In a past posting about the delegate mess, I implied that Sir Barack Obama might end up drinking dishwater, among other references to Charlie Crist being served a crusty blueberry muffin.

Now, in the wake of reports that Mr. Obama has singlehandedly trameled/trammelled (British) the Michigan revote, it seems I was all too kind. Dishwater is too clement a medicine for a candidate so fond of disenfranchisement. I say give him ditchwater.

Now some will maintain that dishwater and ditchwater are one in the same, but I beg to differ. One of my servants once had the unfortunate accident of finding himself stranded in a ditch with nothing but the prior day's rain to quench his thirst. We rescued him after a thorough search of the Pemberley grounds, and he vowed never to indulge in ditchwater ever again. He drank dishwater every day.

So the moral of my little anecdote is that ditchwater is quite a bit worse than dishwater, and that Mr. Obama - should he win the primary - will experience that awful taste for himself when he loses Michigan to John McCain.

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Austen fan said...

VERY, VERY amusing. This kind of creative stuff keeps me going in this volatile race.

It's not even about Hillary or Obama but cooling things down. Nice work.