Sunday, March 16, 2008

Superdelegates Should Follow their Heads, I My Heart

There's a certain timelessness to the question of "head or heart." Back in my former life, the obvious "head" choice would have been to marry Lady Catherine's daughter instead of Elizabeth, but my heart pointed uncontrollably for the latter.

The same question plagues the superdelegates today, as they debate between head (Clinton) and heart (Obama). The common argument goes that Obama inspires a new wave of hope, based not in policy but change. Clinton, on the other hand, is all reason and experience, with a robotic insistence on asserting policy over faux-idealism.

When it comes to choosing the leader of a country, reason should always prevail. That Obama inspires such optimism is nice, cute even, but will it bring results? Perhaps the real idealist, the true bringer of hope, is the one who depends on pragmatism to achieve those ideals. That, my readers, is my dear Hillary.

And as for me, I go with my head, but also my heart. With each passing day, I become yours all the more, my dear Hillary. You have my head and my heart, and perhaps you could have half my possessions too.

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