Saturday, March 29, 2008

Howard Dean Decides to Speak Up

After months of silence when he should have spoken, Howard Dean (once compared to Mr. Bennet) has decided to speak up. And what has he said? Naturally, that the candidates should tone it down.

This, coming from the master of "toning it down," save for that little squeal four years back. He successfully toned down the Florida and Michigan electorate too, which is proof that the real genius in Dr. Dean's toning-down has been his muted support for Obama.

It reminds me of when I instructed Mr. Bingley to tone it down, wrongfully interpreting Jane Bennet's bashfulness for indifference. My ill-advised interference delayed their happiness for a good year; Howard Dean's will rob his party's happiness for four.


Hayley said...

Clinton will take it to the White House "Byahhh!"

Oh the infamous Dean Scream.

Lauren said...

Howard Dean has a point. When the nominee is decided, if the American people associate him/her with mud-slinging and over-combativeness, some people may be less apt to vote in favor of that candidate (especially in sectors of society in which moral character is important - Bible Belt?). Really, a call to unity for the democratic party is a good thing, and will at least help secure the presidency in 2008.