Monday, March 31, 2008

Polls, Like People, Are Fickle

In my two centuries of experience, I have witnessed quite a bit of human interaction. Between the graceful mannerisms of my day and the more outspoken dialogue of yours, I have learned this foolproof adage: People rarely say what they mean, and when they do, they rarely stick to it.

The political polls, which measure the current perception of the populace, are about as predictable as the weather in Hyde Park; when it rains, it often pours (or hails), and yet it dries up shortly afterwards. How else to make sense of the up-and-down, see-saw, Pemberley-to Longbourn-to Netherfield- to Pemberley- to Rosings Park-to Pemberley-to London- to Longbourn- to Pemberley capriciousness?

Let's break it down further:

Pemberley - Clinton the clear favorite (January-August 2007)

Longbourn - Obama gains momentum, becomes challenger (Fall 2007)

Netherfield - Obama wins Iowa caucus

Pemberley - Facing political death, Hillary eeks out a win in New Hampshire

Rosings Park - Obama wins huge in South Carolina, splits Super Tuesday, then wins 11 in a row

Pemberley - Clinton strikes back in Ohio and Texas

London - Wright Controversy

Longbourn - Obama regains momentum, Bosnia sniper fiasco (where we are now)

And to come?

Pemberley - Clinton wins Pennsylvania big, catapulting her into the popular vote lead and a happy ending for all when the Convention chooses a Clinton-Obama ticket.

We can only hope for the Pemberley ending, but sadly, many things go the way Mr. Collins and Charlotte Lucas.


Aaron said...

What's to say Obama winning isn't the happy ending? That's Pemberley to me. Hillary winning is like Lydia's elopement.

Anonymous said...

There have to be a few more Longbourn and Netherfields in there. Otherwise, great use of Pride and Prejudice. I love your blog. (and I do support Hillary, which helps)