Friday, March 14, 2008

The Evolution of Swing

By all accounts, the Swing era was a flourishing time for the arts and cultural advancement. My objection to dancing has been well documented (though not nearly as strongly as Mr. Knightley's), but I should have liked to give Swing a go. In fact, I would take myself there in an instant if not for a certain Hitler.

But all this talk of Swing has my head swirling, which generally leads me into another rumination on the political sphere. In this piece, the Washington Post breaks down the ten most likely "swing states" to, well, swing in the 2008 presidential election. I list them below:

Missouri, Minnesota, Florida, New Hampshire, Virginia, Ohio, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Iowa.

Minnesota and New Hampshire are the only two blues. If I were making a list, I would add Pennsylvania and Michigan, but I will work with their list.

Of those ten, my dear Hillary has won five in the primaries so far, while Sir Barack has also taken five. If we were to assume that each would take his/her five, that would amount to 61 electoral delegates for Clinton and 50 for Obama. Advantage Clinton.

Of course, this is not to say that each cannot take all in the General Election. By my subjective analysis, however, I see Obama with very little chance in Florida or Ohio (47 delegates), whereas Clinton has nearly the same chance in Missouri and Minnesota (21 delegates). I see neither with much chance in Virginia and Colorado, despite what the Washington Post says, with Iowa being Obama's only clear supremacy. Again, Advantage Clinton.

And, she's more attractive (at least, to me). Threefold, Advantage Clinton.


Anonymous said...

Obama won't win Pennsylvania or Michigan either. He might get Wisconsin over Hillary though.

Steve said...

Obama's going to take all of them. He's bringing a culture of hope to the world.

Obama 08!